For an optimal and fast crypto exchange use the ChangeNOW platform

ChangeNOW’s cryptocurrency exchange is done quickly and won’t take too long. It usually takes 5 to 30 minutes, if everything works properly. There are no upper limits for conducting cryptocurrency transactions.

There are minimum amounts of exchanges that can vary depending on the currency and varies from ~ $ 1.7 to $ 20. If the transaction you have sent is less than the minimum amount established for the exchange, they will not be able to carry out the operation and will guarantee a refund.
ChangeNOW is a responsible company that has an experienced team in cryptocurrency transactions. Also, they carry out exchanges of certain commercial pairs through their partners; for more information on this subject, you can visit the website.
This platform offers you an excellent option so you can obtain a wide variety of coins with your credit card. This is why ChangeNOW allows you to buy BTC during the buying process. Your Simplex Provider accepts fewer coins for the purchase, so they have this option.
Make a secure crypto exchange without registering and without logging in. They have more than 170 coins available to perform these operations.
For this website, security is the most important thing, so they do not ask for records and do not store their funds. You can make cryptocurrency purchases quickly with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. They do not accept bank transfers, American Express card, or Discover card.
You can keep up-to-date with the latest ChangeNOW news and promotions through the newsletter. You just have to subscribe to the website, and you will receive it in your email.
Processing may take a little time depending on the size of the transaction and the capacity of the block, generally between 2 to 20 minutes.
You will be able to carry out a cryptocurrency exchange without having to leave your data. There are exceptions, such as those made in Europe that may request to scan a legal document from your country and information about the funds.
Also, you will have the bitcoin rate live and updated, learn more by visiting the ChangeNOW website.

Posted on April 15, 2020