Find the electric light switch model (sklopke) that best suits you

The mild Switches are still an element which until recently was basic and functional failed to contribute much in regards to the part. For most it had been just enough to acquire these pieces in any store where it was available to then install it in the house, a number of the unit was included with defects and ceased working.
Through time, Technology has innovative providing new methods for assembly and construction of light switches making them smaller, more versatile and resistant, even though all of the improvements provided by technology, innovation and aesthetics are disregarded. Nevertheless, the Tem company has arrived to reevaluate its own construction.

Tem, is a Company situated in Velika Loka, Slovenia, is specialized in the manufacture of electric light switches and custom electric outlets using the latest techniques and the most useful stuff for its electric light switches (sklopke) structure. Tem has 40 decades of experience.

You’ll find Now 3 traces of electric light switches Pure, Line and Soft, all layouts are modular and you may swap parts to create a personalized design, despite this each of these designs provide a set of qualities they differ from one another.
From the case For manufacturing, metal, natural materials, timber, and glass are all combined Of the line. Its design stands apart if you are sensual and innovative, on another side the Line lineup has a very simple but elegant structure and in regards to the soft-line it has a semicircular design using a special coat for increased immunity.

If You Desire To make a special order of customized electric light switches you are able to call the contact numbers on the official website or send a message and also the operators will gladly aid you and hence it is possible to access your lineup of high-speed switches. Tem is attentive to answer your questions.